Kılınç Makine Industry Trade Limited Company was established in the year 1980 by producing spare parts for agricultural machinery. 

Since 1997 the company manufactured faster than before and applied an active management and marketing strategy and aiming the best quality. According to the needs, our company developed itself and the productions and became an experienced qualified spare parts producer in the field of manufacturing many kinds of agricultural machinery. 

Today, our company has got a 3000 m2 covered place his factory, where mainly manufacture and market Trailers for the Tractors, Water Tanks and trailer spare parts and spare parts and tools for agricultural machinery. With the native and foreign customers, as past, today and in the future KILINÇ MAKİNA will be with farmers and producers.

Our company, goes on to upgrade his quality both about the products and service with TSE and ISQ Quality Certificates on the way to the quality and works for the top quality with research and improve.

KILINÇ MAKİNA, lastly on 2007, by appending KILINÇ DEMİR to his constitution, gone one step forward on service with Press Brakes and Shears, immediately afterwards improved product variety with Angle Bracket Iron, NPI – NPU – Flat Iron, IPE – UPE – HEB – HEA Iron, Square – U Shaped Irons, Pipes. Our company goes on his way to with the target of improving the quality.